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Item # 66: The Drum Builder's Manual

This book would have saved me a lot of trouble searching the internet, looking up companies in the THOMAS REGISTER, sending faxes, making expensive phone calls, waiting for replies that too often never came, and asking billions of questions to whoever would listen. Written by Jim Casey my Author friend, and Highly Experienced Drum Building Pro. Jim has been building FINE drums for longer than just about anyone I know in the business! His book sums up all the things you will need to know to easily get started building your own drums, or repair any problems with the ones you may have. Excellent for the beginner and intermediate Builder with lots of tips you will need to know. It contains ideas and methods you may use exactly as described, or build on to the limits of your skills and imagination. Good luck! You are about to begin some big fun!! The book contains sections on:
  • Building your own drum shells
  • Commercial raw and finished shells
  • Birch and unique shells
  • Hardware
  • Drum Companies who sell parts suppliers
  • Shell finishes
  • Applying the finish
  • Drum building tools
  • Advanced techniques
  • Tools and supplies
  • Cutting shells and reinforcing rings
  • Snare beds
  • Cutting the bearing edges and bearing edge designs
  • Re-cutting sound edges
  • Repairing small dents
  • Bearing edge sealing and final polishing and waxing
  • Masking shells and prep for spray coat
  • Applying that million dollar finish
  • Rubbing out and polishing the final coat
  • Vent hole
  • Inserting the eyelet
  • Identifying your drums
  • Complete list of tools, Equipment, Materials(names and addresses & contact information for over 100 suppliers!)
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