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Miscellaneous and More!
Tension Rods, Claws, Spurs, Brackets, Floor Tom Legs, Snare Parts, Grommets, Isolation Mounts, Attachment screws, Bass Drum Cymbal Mount, Tom Mounting Systems, Black Dots, More.

PhotoItem #DescriptionUnit Price
37Brass Bass Drum Key Rod 4-1/2"$1.00
37bBlack Bass Drum Key Rod 4-1/2"$1.00
37cChrome Bass Drum Key Rod 4-1/2"$1.00
40Chrome Butterfly Claw$1.00
40gGothic Claw$1.50
41Die Cast Chrome Claw$2.50
42Brass Butterfly Claw$2.50
42bBlack Powder Coated Die Cast Claw$2.50
43One Floor Tom Leg 9.5mm$7.00
44Deluxe Tom/Floor Tom Leg Bracket w/Jaw Clamp, Fits 9.5mm or Larger Rod or Leg, dimensions 2" x 2". Chrome Only, Comes with Screws. Hole to Hole Center to Center 1-15/16" (50mm) $19.50
44aTom Bracket/ Floor Tom Bracket Tama Type.
Hole to Hole Center to Center 2"
44bTom/Floor Tom Leg Bracket,
Fits 9.5mm "L" rod or leg.
Hole to Hole Center to Center 1-7/8"
46 Deluxe Spurs Telescoping /Adjustable Rubber Feet and Metal point /pair$40.00
46bBrass Spurs /pair$60.00
46blackBlack Spurs /pair$60.00
46rRiolo Snare Strainer NEW$22.00
46R2Chrome Snare Strainer Flip Up
1-1/2" hole drilling
46R3Chrome Canada Type Flip Up Strainer w/special butt$31.00
46zChrome Kaman Strainer$23.00
47Chrome Strainer $20.00
47blackBlack Strainer $23.00
47aChrome Strainer $15.00
47brBrass Strainer $20.00
48Chrome Piccolo Strainer$15.00
49aBrass Strainer $23.00
49bBrass Piccolo Strainer
Also available in black!
49crChrome Piccolo Strainer $23.00
49dMetal Butt$2.00
49eDie Cast Chrome Butt$4.90
49eblackBlack Die Cast Butt$4.90
49fDie Cast Brass Butt$4.90
49gBrass Butt$2.20
5014" Chrome Snare Wires, 20 Strands$8.00
50b14" Brass Snare Wires, 20 Strands$9.00
5113" Chrome Snare Wires, 20 Strands$8.00
51b13" Brass Snare Wires, 20 Strands$9.00
51sSnare Cords, 4 pieces$1.00
51pSnare Strips 2 each Long & Short$1.00
51sSnare cords - 4 pieces$1.00
51gSteel Air Grommet U-Flange$1.00
51cChrome Air Hole, Screw Type$3.50
51brBrass Air Hole, Screw Type$3.50
51blackBlack Air Hole, Screw Type$3.50
52a52mm Chrome Tension Rod$0.50
52b52mm Brass Tension Rod$0.60
52c42mm Chrome Tension Rod$0.50
52d42mm Brass Tension Rod$0.60
52bk42mm Black Tension Rod
Note: All sizes available in Black, we will help determine with your order or request.
52e28mm Chrome Tension Rod$0.50
52f28mm Brass Tension Rod$0.60
52g35mm Chrome Tension Rod$0.50
52h35mm Brass Tension Rod$0.60
52i56mm Chrome Tension Rod$0.50
52j56mm Brass Tension Rod$0.60
64dTwo Large Black Dots$1.00
No Pic
64e2 Black Dots 2-3/4"$1.00
65Deluxe Bass Drum Cymbal Mount$55.00
65bBass Drum Tom Mounting Bracket 1" Hole $35.00
65cTom Clamp 10.5mm "L" rod$32.00
65dDeluxe Double Tom Mounting System$85.00
65eComplete Tom Mounting System 10.5mm "L" rod$85.00
65fSingle Tom Rail Mount 10.5mm "L" rod$80.00
65mDouble Tom Mount for Bass Drum$20.00
Item #DescriptionUnit Price
67aDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 8" dia, 4- Hole$40.00
67abrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 8" dia, 4- Hole$40.00
67bDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 8" dia, 5- Hole$40.00
67bbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 8" dia, 5- Hole$40.00
67cDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 10" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67cbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 10" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67dDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 12" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67dbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 12" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67eDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 13" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67ebrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 13" dia, 6- Hole$40.00
67fDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 14" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
67fbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 14" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
67gDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 15" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
67gbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 15" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
67hDSS Isolation Mounts - Chrome - 16" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
67hbrDSS Isolation Mounts - Brass - 16" dia, 8- Hole$45.00
68Pearl Tube Tom Arm 7/8" Tube$32.00
697/8" Tube Tom Ball Arm$38.00
707/8" Tube Tom Ball Arm w/ 10.5mm "L" Rod$39.00
71Three Way Clamp - Clamps 2 Toms to a Cymbal Stand$20.00
72Tom Bracket 7/8" Pearl Type$17.00
7610mm long Black lug attachment screw/lock/washer$00.13
785mm long Black lug attachment screw/lock/washer$00.13
7910mm Large Black screw/lock/washer for Spurs and Brackets$00.20