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Keller Maple Shells100% KELLER MAPLE SHELLS are available in 6-ply for TOMS, 8-ply for BASS DRUMS and 10 ply for SNARES. These shells need no introduction to the Drum World, and have been used for decades by leading manufacturers WORLDWIDE! There are no finer MAPLE SHELLS around, and they are the preferred wood for many top Studio and Performing Drummers. They are sanded and ready to finish! AMERICAN MUSIC offers FREE HOLE DRILLING, EDGES and BEDS when you buy the HARDWARE and SHELL at the SAME TIME. No minimum number of shells! Sizes are given as height x diameter. Call us for you Special Needs or Assembled Drums at: (541)895-5563.
Item #SizeDescriptionUnit Price
81a 6x66-Ply Maple Tom Shell$35.00
81b 8x86-Ply Maple Tom Shell$45.00
81c 8x106-Ply Maple Tom Shell$45.00
81d10x106-Ply Maple Tom Shell$45.00
81e8x126-Ply Maple Tom Shell$50.00
81f10x126-Ply Maple Tom Shell$50.00
81g12x126-Ply Maple Tom Shell$50.00
81h9x136-Ply Maple Tom Shell$60.00
81j 12x146-Ply Maple Tom Shell$82.00
81k 14x146-Ply Maple Tom Shell$82.00
81L14x166-Ply Maple Tom Shell$90.00
81m16x166-Ply Maple Tom Shell$90.00
84a3x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$43.00
84b4x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$49.00
84c5x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$55.00
84d5.5x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$59.00
84e6x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$61.00
84f6.5x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$63.00
84g7x1410-Ply Maple Snare Shell$65.00
85a3x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$38.00
85b4x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$45.00
85c5x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$51.00
85d5.5x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$53.00
85e6x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$56.00
85f7x1310-Ply Maple Snare Shell$62.00
8614x18Maple 8-Ply Bass/Tom Shell$110.00
86a16x18Maple 8-Ply Bass/Tom Shell$110.00
86b18x18Maple 8-Ply Bass/Tom Shell$110.00
86c14x208-Ply Maple Bass Shell$120.00
86d16x208-Ply Maple Bass Shell$120.00
86e18x208-Ply Maple Bass Shell$120.00
86f14x228-Ply Maple Bass Shell$127.00
86g16x228-Ply Maple Bass Shell$127.00
86h18x228-Ply Maple Bass Shell$127.00
8718"Wood Bass Drum Hoop
10 ply 1-1/2" wide
8820"Wood Bass Drum Hoop
10 ply 1-1/2" wide
8922"Wood Bass Drum Hoop
10 ply 1-1/2" wide
  • 8-ply Bass Drums are strong enough to support tom mounting bracket.
  • We do not apply rings to ANY SHELLS since TODAY'S GLUE COMPOSITION and SHELL FORMATION TECHNOLOGY yields a 6, 8, and 10-ply shell which will hold its "ROUND" and is completely strong enough without their addition. Higher pitches which rings may yield can be achieved with head selection and tuning.